It was just a random day when we were having a group discussion on vehicles and availability of automotive services. From buying a car to maintaining an existing one, from choosing between a brand new one and a used one, people always feel confused and hesitant. Eventually they end up making a wrong decision and choice which results in disappointment and frustrations. Similarly, taking your car to a garage is a head ache considering the fact that most of the mechanics available in the market do not provide accurate information. This is either due to lack of knowledge from the car owner or a trick played by the service provider to get more commercial benefit.

This topic is not short and that is what made us think to help you guys by gathering the public information available in different locations and resources into one place and also by adding guidelines and help article to make it easier for our fellows to get what they are looking for.

Long to short, its an all in one encyclopedia for automotive in the United Arab Emirates.